Yahoo! or better Oh-no!

Posted by Moser on 21 Dec 2008

I forgot my Yahoo!-ID for my flickR account. I know it’s nothing to be proud of… But what really annoys me is what Yahoo calls their customer support. I sent in their contact form with a description of my problem which I though to be easy to solve. One day later (!) they replied by a standard email describing how to get your lost password (!) and what mistakes one can make when typing one’s ID.

That was on Wednesday. Since then I got the same email four times signed by four different employees. Each time I replied with a description of my problem and ~24 hours later the same dumb email reached me.

In the meantime I already found out my ID using the english help pages (the german copy doesn’t seem to be complete), but I think I will continue playing mail ping pong with Yahoo for some time.